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Dedicated to a better understanding of bible principles as they apply to mankind today, Think on These Things is a bible-based monthly on-line journal devoted to presenting bible teachings on a wide variety of topics, and to subjecting these doctrines to critical review. This page is not supported by any church or religious organization, and those Christians who write and edit the articles herein have no other goal than to determine the truth based entirely upon the authority of God's word as revealed in the bible.

Without apology, we believe that the bible is a special revelation of God. While several articles are dedicated to providing evidence of this proposition, it is not our intent to argue the evidences of this since the bible emphasizes the acquisition of faith by the study of the word itself (Romans 10:17) , and proof by the practice of the doctrines learned (Romans 12:1-2) . We have found that most discussions of bible topics on the internet never get to the meaning of specific verses and passages, but dwell extensively on questioning the credibility of the bible.

Thus, our intent is to present and discuss in the most objective way possible, exactly what God intended to communicate when he inspired the ancient writers. We hope you will join us.

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We want to hear from you! We welcome the opportunity to clarify our position on any of the issues found within these materials. Please contact us at with your comments, suggestions, or questions.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles on the TTT web page were written by David B. Brown. The hardcopy version of TTT is edited by Neal Huggins, and we solicit any addresses to which you would like the hardcopy version sent on a monthly basis. Monetary contributions will be neither solicited nor accepted.

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