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Are you suffering?  We all will suffer in this life to varying extents.  First Peter is a textbook on suffering.  See the recent two-part article on the subject:

Did you ever wonder why some people who have studied the bible all their lives still don’t seem to “get it?”  This article will give the biblical reason for this; see “The Bible vs. Books About the Bible” right after the First Peter Articles.

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Training Children and the Sin of Dissatisfaction

These are two recent topics on the Recent Articles page.  “The Perfect Way to Train Your Children” is a multi-article series that anyone with children should be sure to read.  The “Sin of Dissatisfaction” shows that practically all sin can be tied to our dissatisfaction with what God has done for us.  Are you dissatisfied? Please let us know what you think about these articles.

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Resolutions for 2012 by Bryan Gibson

We should all make resolutions at times and do our best to abide by them. This article presents some biblical examples of people who did just that.

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How to Listen to a Sermon by Bryan Gibson

Listening is an art. Test our your ability to listen. You owe it to God, yourself, and even to your preacher to listen as indicated by the scripture references given in this article.

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Thank You God by Bryan Gibson

We often forget to give thanks at other times of the year, and we forget to give thanks for the many spiritual gifts that we have in Christ. Let this article inspire you to a greater understanding of our dependence on God.

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“No Sin November” by Bryan Gibson

This article was added to BibleThought on November 17, 2011 on our Recent Articles page.  What is that one sin that gives you the most trouble?  Cannot think of it?  Perhaps that IS it!  But most of us can.  Let’s work on it just for one day.  One day at a time.  Then one week.  Then a whole month!  It can be done.  And if/when we fail, let us be sorrowful, repent and ask for forgiveness the second that it happens.  God will give us the strength to overcome.  — dave

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“Learn from Other’s Mistakes” by Bryan Gibson

This article was added on 11-Nov-2011 on our recent articles page.  A foolish man does not even learn from his own mistakes; a truly wise man does not have to  make mistakes … he can learn from the mistakes of others.  — dave

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Welcome to the BibleThought blog

Welcome to everyone interested in discussing biblical topics.  We want your comments and questions.  We are looking foward to hearing from you — dave

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